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Full service PPC advertising management for lead generation

Full Service PPC Management


What's Included


The foundation. We take what we know about your business, your goals, and our expertise in digital advertising, and we mix it together to create a strategy.

Campaign Setup

There are countless settings to avoid (and select). Fortunately for you, we're pros. We'll handle the set up.

Goal Setting

Remember, for a goal to be great it has to be measurable and it has to have a deadline. For most of our clients, it has to do with number of MQLs and cost per lead.

Ongoing Optimization

We don't believe in setting and forgetting. We handle ongoing maintenance to ensure our campaigns are improving over time.

Conversion Tracking

Often overlooked (no more!), conversion tracking is one of the most important pieces of our advertising strategy. It informs our bid strategies and it helps us track toward our goals.


Last but not least, we report on the performance. This keeps us all on the same page and keeps our goals top of mind.

Our PPC Advertising

We believe in balancing the use of new technology with our own understanding of the customer journey. That means we fully embrace machine learning and automated bidding, but not at the expense of real business objectives. Sometimes we still have to use a Manual CPC strategy to get the results we want, and that's fine by us. 

The Process


Discovery Call

Quick and painless. This is a 30-minute meeting where we get to know each other and find out if we're a good fit.


Goal Setting Call

After we decide to work together, the first thing we'll do is align our goals. During this meeting, we'll learn more about your business and what you're striving toward.


Strategy Presentation Call

Next, we develop a strategy. This will be presented during our strategy presentation call, and we'll give you an opportunity to speak into it and ask questions.


Ongoing Reporting Calls

Each month, we'll meet to discuss our KPIs. We'll talk through how we're tracking against our goals, and we'll continue to hone our strategy.

Service Tiers



Up to $20K in ad spend

1 Platform

Up to 5 Campaigns

Monthly Reports

Dedicated PPC Strategist



Up to $40K in ad spend

Up to 3 Platforms

Up to 8 Campaigns

Monthly Reports

Biannual audit & 

strategy session

Dedicated PPC Strategist



Up to $100K in ad spend

Unlimited Platforms Unlimited Campaigns

Monthly Reports

Quarterly Account Audits & Strategy Sessions

Quarterly Landing Page Buildout and Deployment

Dedicated PPC Strategist



+$100K in monthly ad spend



"Our experience with Good Growth has been nothing short of exceptional. Their professionalism and commitment to delivering top-quality marketing solutions have significantly contributed to our business's success."

Joel Keith

Partner/Director of Operations, ASP




How we used search ads to launch a new nationwide construction company.



Let’s Discuss Your Goals

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals through targeted lead generation and performance marketing.


  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    No! We believe in earning your business every month. That's why we only require a 30-day notice should you decide to cancel your service.
  • Can I see a case study?
    Of course! Here's one.
  • Who will be managing my campaigns?
    We'll introduce you to your PPC strategist before you sign with us. We work with senior-level managers only.
  • How does invoicing work?
    We bill at the start of every month. We accept all major cards, bank transfers, and direct deposits. We cover the transaction fees.
  • What are the payment terms?
    Net 30
  • What happens if I cancel my service?
    We pride ourselves on being the best partner you'll ever have. If you decide to cancel your service, we will spend the 30 remaining days helping you transition to your new partner (or in-house). We refuse to hold our clients or their assets hostage.
  • What metrics do you report?
    We report on the most important metrics (and any other metrics that impact our campaign performance). If your primary objective if leads, you can expect to see KPIs like cost per lead, total leads, and total ad spend. And secondary metrics such as cost per click, total clicks, conversion rates, and more.
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