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How We Used Google Search Ads to Launch AmishCo

About The Client

AmishCo provides Amish-built horse barns, sheds, greenhouses, garages, and more. With a direct relationship to the Amish communities in PA and NY, AmishCo’s goal is to offer Amish-built structures nationwide through online sales and digital marketing.







Our challenge was to drive high-quality leads for this new business. Without the benefit of word-of-mouth or brand recognition, we knew our PPC effort would need to pull its weight in getting this new business off the ground.

We were tasked with building product-specific landing pages, optimizing them for leads, and driving high-intent, quality traffic.


We capitalized on the exceptional reputation of Amish builders and the significant search traffic around “Amish-built” keywords. Because this was a brand new ad account, we spent some time experimenting with bid strategies. Eventually, we found a winning strategy and utilized Google’s smart bidding algorithms to consistently drive high-quality leads.

Services & Results

Landing Page Design and Optimization

Through A/B testing the language on our landing pages, we saw our conversion rate increase by 160% with certain CTAs.

Google Search Ads

The Google Ads bid strategy that was most effective was max conversions, but we only implemented it after collecting enough conversion data in the new ad account (using max cpc to start).

Ongoing Optimization

Over 4 months, we saw cost per lead go from $216 to $117. This is due to diligent campaign maintenance, reallocation of budget, negating irrelevant keywords, and much, much more. It pays to have the right PPC team in place.

"Good Growth has been on it since day one. They move quick, are responsive, communicative, easy to work with, and deliver the goods! We’ve really enjoyed working with them."

Kent Lapp

Founder & CEO, AmishCo


Want To Learn More?

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