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Choosing the Right Digital Advertising Agency: 5 Key Factors

Choosing the right digital advertising agency

In business (and in life), selecting your partners can mean life or death. And we all have different standards.

We weigh things differently.

Some of us value ease of communication above all else, believing that without it, the relationship is doomed. Others prioritize qualities like grit, trust, experience, cost, technical know-how, etc.

I've witnessed many business relationships (with tons of potential) crumble. And I've seen a common thread in all of them: the client doesn't ask the right questions at the start of the engagement.

In this post, we may not cover what you value most in a partner. What I hope to do, however, is offer some valuable industry insights from someone with over a decade of experience in paid advertising.

I want to help you ask the right questions, so when it's time to pick a digital advertising agency, you'll pick one of the good ones. Rather than relying on your biases, I want you to pick a partner that will serve your business well for years to come.

Here are the five most important questions for clients to ask agency partners (before signing).

1. Who Will Be Managing Your Account?

Agencies often assign junior-level PPC managers to accounts before they're fully prepared, primarily due to high turnover rates. The demanding nature of agency work means many mid-level and lower-level employees don't stay more than 1-2 years. Understanding who will manage your account and the agency's turnover rate is crucial.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Digital Advertising Agency

  • Ask your sales rep who will be managing your account: Ensure you understand who is directly responsible for your account.

  • Inquire about their employee turnover rates: High turnover can lead to inconsistent account management.

  • Check the average tenure of their staff: Longer tenures often indicate a more stable and experienced team.

  • Understand how their teams are structured: Knowing the team structure helps in understanding the workflow and hierarchy.

  • Get a feel for the agency's work environment: A positive work environment often translates to better service for clients.

Who Will Be Managing Your PPC Ads Account?

2. What Metrics Will Be Reported?

At Good Growth, most clients are lead generation PPC clients, making reporting on cost per lead crucial. Your agency should be sophisticated enough to track and report the metrics that matter to you.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Digital Advertising Agency

  • Ensure the agency tracks relevant metrics: These should align with your business goals.

  • Confirm they can report on cost per lead if applicable: Essential for lead generation-focused campaigns.

  • Check for the ability to set up sophisticated tracking systems: Advanced tracking ensures accurate and actionable data.

  • Ask for examples of reports they provide: Review sample reports to understand the depth and clarity of their reporting.

  • Make sure the metrics align with your business goals: The reported metrics should reflect your success criteria.

What Metrics Will Be Reported By Your PPC Agency?

3. Have They Succeeded With Clients Like You in the Past?

Before committing to an agency, examine their track record with similar clients. This helps gauge their ability to deliver results for your business.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Digital Advertising Agency

  • Check their client portfolio for similar businesses: Look for experience in your industry.

  • Ask for case studies or success stories: Concrete examples of their past successes. (Here's one of our case studies, if you're curious).

  • Understand their approach and strategy for similar clients: Ensure their methods align with your expectations.

  • Look for testimonials or reviews from similar businesses: Positive feedback from peers can be very reassuring.

  • Assess their industry-specific expertise: Specialized knowledge can give you an edge.

4. What’s Their Communication Style?

Effective communication is key to a successful partnership. Understanding the agency's communication style ensures alignment and smooth collaboration.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Digital Advertising Agency

  • Determine their preferred communication channels: Email, phone, video calls, etc.

  • Ask about the frequency of meetings and updates: Regular updates are crucial for tracking progress.

  • Ensure they provide clear and timely responses: Responsiveness is a sign of good customer service.

  • Check if they offer a dedicated account manager: A single point of contact can streamline communication.

  • Understand their approach to handling issues and feedback: Effective problem resolution and feedback handling are essential.

Why You Need to Consider Communication Style When Choosing a PPC Agency

5. Do They Pass the Personality Test?

Although it may seem subjective, enjoying your interactions with the agency's team is crucial for a healthy working relationship. Work with people you like to ensure a positive and productive partnership.

Key Considerations For Choosing a Digital Advertising Agency

  • Assess if you enjoy interacting with their team: Personal rapport can enhance collaboration.

  • Ensure their values align with yours: Shared values can foster mutual understanding and respect.

  • Check for a positive and collaborative working relationship: A cooperative team is more likely to meet your needs.

  • Look for a team that is approachable and friendly: Positive interactions contribute to a better working environment.

  • Consider the overall culture of the agency: Agency culture can significantly impact your experience as a client.

Why You Should Consider The Personality of The PPC Agency You Choose

Conclusion: Choosing The Right Digital Advertising Agency

Choosing the right digital advertising agency is a critical decision that can significantly impact your business. By considering these five factors, you can ensure that you select a partner that aligns with your needs and goals, setting the stage for a successful and productive relationship.


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